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    Default National Disaster Education Coalition (NDEC) Launches Web Site

    National Disaster Education Coalition (NDEC) Launches www.disastereducation.org

    The National Disaster Education Coalition (NDEC) is composed of federal government agencies and national not-for-profit organizations that work together to develop and disseminate consistent educational information for the public about disaster preparedness. The goal of the NDEC is to formulate information and advise the public about how to prepare and respond appropriately to natural and human-caused disasters. NDEC member agencies ensure that disaster safety messages are appropriate, accurate, research-based, and crafted appropriately for the audience by using understandable language.

    In celebration of the NDEC's tenth year of formal operation, we have launched the NDEC web site.

    Visit http://www.disastereducation.org to learn more about the Coalition, its purpose, its members, and to use the "Talking About Disasters: Guide for Standard Messages," a product of the Coalition.
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