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    Question Fire Service Medals

    I realize that none of us do this job for medals or the money and I really wasnt sure whether or not to even bring this up. But I figured it would be better to ask these questions then do something wrong and bring disgrace or discredit to the service.

    I have just recieved a Medal of Valor for a fire last Feburary. The question I have is there an order of precedence of medals for the Fire service? As well where do I wear this medal?? As well what is the difference between a Medal of Valor and as Medal for Gallantry??

    I have only been in the Service for 2 years and this is the 1st time I have ever seen medals presented.

    Stay Safe

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    Every uniform code is different. Check with your department.

    BTW, Congrats and good job!

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    Congratulations on your award. Wear it with pride.

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