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    Question ??? for the NY guys???

    I have heard and seen some volunteer organizations within the 5 boroughs. Now PLEASE don't anyone turn this into a freakin volly vs. paid discussion because thats not what I'm getting at!!!!!!!!!
    I was just curious how that worked. Do these organizations actually take part in firefighting activities???? Or are they more like a symbol of tradition???? It just baffles me that there are a couple of these organizations within the 5 boroughs. Do certian companies in the city respond into the area where the Vollies are??? If I was a city guy I would prolly be pretty upset if I pulled up on a job and saw one of the volly groups (not that they are bad) pulling the first line. Do FDNY units over-ride the volly units??

    So WITHOUT ANY ARGUEMENTS can someone explain this to me???

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    I have seen pictures and this was discussed once in FS. I saw a pic of one of their trucks crushed at the WTC too.
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    There are two close to where I live..Gerrittsen Beach and Rockaway Point VFDs. Don't know much about them. Most are located in isolated areas of the outerboros. I know they respond to grass fires and such but as far as strucures I don't know. Never had interaction with them.

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    10 volunteer companies amount to a gnat on an elephant's rear-end -- i.e. I doubt the 11-odd-thousand FDNY firefighters really worry about it.

    It is my understanding (seen this discussion come up several times over the years online) that only the two on Staten Island are officially dispatched & are on run-cards for FDNY. The others monitor FDNY traffic and are responsible to dispatch themselves for calls in their area.

    Their founding dates from the early 1900s to about 1930, a time of tremendous growth in the city, and the conversion of Queens and Staten Island from farm fields to homes. Scores of volunteer departments where started during this era, and most folded after 10 or 20 years as FDNY expanded their station coverage. The remaining 10 tend to be on the fringes of the City where they can still get to a call before FDNY can arrive in full-force.
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    Default interesting!

    I visited the web site, but it looks to be not much active.
    Anyway this is, to me, a very interesting subject.
    I am trying to understand USA'ff (and FDNY) organization; it's not simple but seems to work very well, and I would know how a volly fd could work in a place like NY. Or any other big city in USA.


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    Default Aviation VFD

    Aviation VFd in the Bronx is a pretty active outfit.

    They have 3 Pumpers (one is a reserve, old FDNY ALF pumper) and I think they have an Ambulance and a boat. They have a pretty good core of active members and they monitor FDNY radios and respond on thier own. They do not replace FDNY units on a box but respond extra.

    They have a website www.aviation3.com

    They run a 2002 Spartan/Quality Pumper
    a 1992 E-One Pumper
    a 1981 American LaFrance Pumper

    They came down a few times to visit with us and do a ride-along. We donated a bunch of equipment to them to replace lost and damaged equipment from 9-11 (they were one of the first volly companies there) and from what I understand, they have a good relationship with the FDNY guys and a few of their members work for the City.

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