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    Exclamation This type of legslation gives you that warm fuzzy feeling dont it!

    Senators consider repealing concealed gun permit
    By Anne Saunders, Associated Press Writer, 2/10/2004

    CONCORD, N.H. -- State residents would no longer need permits to carry concealed handguns under a bill considered Tuesday by the Senate Judiciary Committee.

    "Society is safer when criminals don't know who is armed," said Norman Bernier, of Concord.

    Right now, a woman who is threatened could be forced to wait up to 14 days to get a license to carry a concealed weapon, Bernier said. Her attacker could kill her before then, he said.

    Making it harder to carry guns legally "creates a safe working environment for the robber and rapist," he said. "Why should we put obstacles between people trying to protect themselves?"

    Laurel Redden, state coordinator for the Million Mom March, disagreed. Making it easier for people to carry hidden guns would not make her feel safer, she said.

    Because state law allows children to be gun owners with their parents' permission, the proposed law could allow children and teenagers to carry concealed handguns, she said.

    "As parents, we shudder to think of the ramifications of this," she said.

    "The taking of licenses encourages responsible gun ownership," argued another mother, Susan Scheffer, of Concord. It gives those who grant the licenses an opportunity to discuss gun safety with gun owners, she said.

    No license is required to carry a gun that is openly displayed, carry an unloaded gun or keep a gun in the house, several witnesses noted.

    Those in law enforcement disagreed on the value of the licenses.

    Rep. Elbert Bicknell, R-Deerfield, said Vermont has no license requirement and that posed no problem for him when he served as a police officer there.

    "It keeps you on your toes. There's nothing like a routine stop. You're more aware," he said.

    But Somersworth police Capt. David Kritschman, representing the New Hampshire Police Association, said his organization opposed the bill.

    Making it easier for people to carry concealed weapons creates "the potential for something really bad to happen," he said. Verbal disputes could escalate into violence, he said.

    Supporters countered by pointing to Vermont's low crime rate. Both Vermont and New Hampshire have among the lowest crime rates in the nation, several speakers said.

    "New Hampshire is the safest state, and I hope it continues that way," said Sam Cohen, director of the state affiliate of the National Rifle Association. A federal review last fall of various gun control provisions did not find any conclusive evidence that gun control laws improved public safety, he said.

    Senators on the committee wanted to know what protections existed to prevent guns from falling into the wrong hands.

    Felons, anyone charged with domestic violence and anyone who's been involuntarily committed to a psychiatric hospital are prohibited from buying guns under federal law, Cohen said.

    Sen. Joseph Kenney, R-Wakefield, supported the bill, saying citizens today must take more responsibility for their safety, given the threat of terrorism.

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    "Society is safer when criminals don't know who is armed," said Norman Bernier, of Concord.
    I completely agree.

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    Yup, we're sure wallowing in danger up here in Canada. Must be due to the fact that you can't carry a concealed weapon in this country.
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    Some time last year, a police officer pulled over a vehicle that was reported as stolen. The driver, from what I remember from the article, threw it into reverse and tried to hit the officer. The officer pulled his sidearm and fired through the back window and hit the driver.

    At the bottom of the article it made note that it was the first time that a Victoria police officer had discharged his weapon in something like 4 years...... (I don't remember the dates exact, but I am trying to track the article down)
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