My FD responded first due to this one, MA was provided by Sanborn FD and Niagara Active Hose Co. for traffic control due to the haz mat incident created when the semi fuel tanks were punctured.

Falls man is victim of SUV-truck collision


LEWISTON - The Niagara County Sheriff's Department on Tuesday released the name of the man who was killed in an accident involving a sport utility vehicle and a tractor-trailer on Saunders Settlement Road on Monday.
Russell Mere, 47, of Niagara Falls, died after veering into the path of a tractor-trailer driven by Phillip Davey, 45, authorities said.

Deputy Scott Milleville said Mere was eastbound on Saunders Settlement Road when his vehicle veered into the westbound lane. Davey was charged with violation of transportation laws, and other charges may be pending, said Milleville.