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    Default Gemtor Harnesses

    For those of you out there using the Gemtor Class II Life Safety Harness (the ones FDNY uses) my question is how do you like it? Is it comfortable, user friendly, does it get in the way, etc? Please give me all your comments about it. Thanks

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    It is very comfortable, cant even tell its there. You have to pay attention when it comes to buying the right one, it all depends on which side your bunkers clip shut. In my case its on the right, so I got a right-side harness.

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    I only wear it when I am working an tour in the Truck. It doesn't bother me any is very user friendly.

    When needed it is much faster than tying the knots for the lowering a member, more reliable...and more comfortable. You really don't even notice it.

    We use the left side opening model. Where the hook is snapped on the right.

    It allows for a number of methods of FF removal that would be difficult or time consuming without it.

    Thank god I haven't had to use it though!
    But it is there if I need it.

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    when you guys have the belt loops how do you keep it on your gear just loosen it so you can get your pants on and off or do you disconnect it then connect it quick? i just had the loops installed the other day so we'll see how it goes.

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    I've used one for years, they really do open up alot of options for you. They really don't get in the way at all, some guys have taken a small carabiner and use it to hold the big hook, the small snap/strap is kind of a pain to get at in gloves. The loops hold it on the gear, buy the one for the way that your pants open, when you close the harness you also close the pants.

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