From the Journal-Register, February 11, 2004
Article by Akiko Matsuda;

Medina: The village is taking steps to dismiss Fire Chief Gregory Barhite.
Mayor Howard A. Lake informed the Village Board on Tuesday night that he was going to bring charges against Barhite based on Civil Service Law Section 75, which deals with removal for incompetency or misconduct.

According to Lake, Barhite gave him a letter from his doctor in August that stated that Barhite could not physically continue classes to be certified as an Emergency Medical Technician. Lake then put Barhite on "medical leave" with full pay.

As of Tuesday night, Lake said he is putting Barhite on suspension without pay based on the decision to bring charges against him.

The Village is going to file 20 charges against Barhite, Lake said, including one that says he had a side job during "medical leave," which he was prohibited from doing. Lake refused to elaborate further.

Barhite declined to comment Tuesday night and referred to his attorney, Lawrence J. Andolina, who could not be reached for comment.

In 2001, Lake directed Barhite to obtain EMT certification, due to a staff shortage.

In the summer of 2003, Barhite was enrolled in a certification class paid for by the Village and dropped out of the class, giving Lake the note saying he was unable to continue. At that point, Lake put Barhite on paid leave.

According to Civil Service Law, the suspension will be allowed for 30 days to allow time for a hearing on the charges brought against Barhite.

The Village already has appointed the arbitrators, who will hold a hearing to determine if those charges are valid.