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Pfire and I have met Mrs Virk, and had the opportunity to speak with her about some of what happened... Pfire more so than I. She is a very wonderful lady considering the events of past few years, and in partiuclar 1997. To have 1/2 her courage would be a wonderful gift for anyone.

Kelly Ellard arrested for alleged assault in New Westminster park

Amy Carmichael Wednesday, February 11, 2004 CREDIT: CH TV

VANCOUVER (CP) - Kelly Ellard, who was in the national spotlight after a Victoria teen was beaten to death in a 1997 swarming attack by girls, was in custody Wednesday for allegedly attacking a woman in a park.

Ellard, 21, is awaiting a second murder trial in the death of Reena Virk. It's scheduled to start in Vancouver in June.

Ellard was arrested Tuesday afternoon after a woman called 911 to say she had been attacked.

"This 58-year-old lady said she was walking through the park when she was invited to sit down with two younger girls, there was also a male there, and join them for a beer," said Staff-Sgt. Casey Dehaas.

After she had been with them for a while, one of the girls went looking for her cellphone and couldn't find it.

Dehaas said the girls allegedly accused the woman of stealing it and when the woman moved to leave, they grabbed her.

Ellard is accused of holding the woman while the other girl hit her in the face.

"She was punched in face quite viciously," Dehaas said.

"She received four or five good blows to the facial area causing bruising, a swollen eye, quite a cut lip. She was bleeding quite bit. She was able to struggle, she said she was yelling and screaming," Dehaas said.

The woman was eventually able to break free and used her own cellphone to call 911.

Police picked her up and found the two girls still in the Vancouver-area park.

The victim was taken to hospital, treated and released.

Ellard and Danica Callaghan, 19, from Burnaby, B.C., are in custody pending a bail hearing Thursday.

Dehaas said more charges will be laid against both for broken bail conditions.

"It's really sad, the type of assault. One grabs, the other punches...ganging up on somebody like that. Give me a break," Dehaas said.

Ellard's lawyer, Robert Claus, confirmed Ellard is in custody in New Westminster, but wouldn't comment further.

In June, Associate Chief Justice Patrick Dohm agreed to release her from house arrest, as her mother would be present to supervise her employment.

She is accused of second-degree murder in Virk's death.

Ellard was 15 when 14-year-old Virk was brutally swarmed by a group of eight Victoria teens _ all but one of them girls - one night in November 1997. Some had never met Virk before.

Six teenage girls were convicted of assault causing bodily harm for the initial beating that left Virk bloodied and staggering.

Warren Glowatski, 16 at the time of the killing, was raised to adult court and convicted of second-degree murder.

Virk died after two attacks near a suburban Victoria tidal waterway called the Gorge. Her body was found eight days later floating in the water.

An angry Suman Virk, Reena's mother, said she is upset at the justice system and sympathizes with the woman beaten in the park. She said that she is not happy that Ellard's trial has been delayed while she was free.

"It's very frustrating to deal with the system," she said. "The fact is no justice has been done for Reena and our family so far. I hope she's (woman beaten in the park) able to get better justice than we have.

"Just as Reena's death was unnecessary, this crime was also unnecessary. Another innocent victim will have to deal with a lot of heartache and go through the whole trial system, which is very disheartening."

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According to the news this morning, they reported that the Prosecution has requested that Ellard's parole be revoked in view of her recenet assault on the woman in the park.