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    Default How does your Jr Firefighter program work?

    Our department wants to start a Jr FF program. What do the Jr FFs do in your department? Do they respond to fires?(with leagal consent from parent or guardian)In my area, some departments are actually allowing high school students (with training) to respond just as an other volley member. Basically in some places the kids are the reason the fire gets put out. I certainly would not want to have more Jr FF on scene than primary members though.

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    here in highland twp. mich. we have an explorer post (just like a jr. program, but we are through the boy scouts).

    we are allowed to go on ALL runs in curfew. which is mon.-thurs: 2:05 pm 'til 10:00pm, fri.: 2:05pm 'til 12:00 am, sat.: 5:00am 'til 12:00am, sun.: 5:00am 'til 10:00pm. any holiday breaks have the weekend times. (mon. -fri. 2:05 is the time we get out of school)

    to be able to ride a truck here you have to prove you are trained. first you have to have at least a 3 month probationary peroid. durring that time you must show you can name all the equipment on all of the trucks. then when you pass that you must take a written test that identifies things, and name all of the officers. you must also show you know how to saftly change an air pack (one of the main things we do on a house fire).

    while riding the truck we must always wear a seat belt, if riding in an open jumpseat we must wear a seat belt AND the safety chain. we have to give up our seat to a ff if we are in the last seat on the truck.

    once on scene we CAN NOT enter a burring structure. we CAN NOT have direct pt care. we CAN NOT drive a fire appuratus. we can put out a fire from the out side of the structure. on a grass fire we can put it out.

    last night i went on a compost fire and i eas there with six ff and another explorer and they let me put the fire out.

    if you want me to e-mail you our by-laws, and the by-laws of some of the other post around us e-mail me. or if you need any othr info let me know.

    Moose (Post 2028 Vice President/ Command Officer)Explorer Highland Twp. Fire/Rescue Dept.

    Any Questions Contact Me At Moose20282@yahoo.com

    These Are My Opinions, Not that of My Dept. or Any other Orgnazition I Belong to.

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    in our dept once the person is around 14yrs old they can start with parents permission. they are restricted to training, station dutys, and going to most calls as an observer, although on brush fires they can help out, on all other calls they are usually a tool runner or sitting near the truck. once they have a valid drivers license they can drive apparatus in training only when they are 18 they can run code. from 14 or 15yrs old as they get older we let them do more and more with each birthday, and each training.

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    We have an organized post, when we have a big incident they are helpful. I wish we could get them more integrated with us, but thats not my descion. We have I think 3 full members now that came form the post, certainly their abilities and knowledge of our vehicles, and how function makes for a good transition.
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    My dept does not have a junior program although many depts do..I started in a dept in my hometown @ age 16..And its the same deal as all the depts are where i live now...Junior Members can respond to calls any time day or night...If they leave during school they must complete whatever work they miss although 99% of the time i'm sure that does happen..Also they cannot leave school during tests or exams...They can respond to any call but the only restriction is they are not to enter the hot zone on structure fires...They are strictly exterior firefighters on house fires..Otherwise any other call be it medicals,car fires,chimney fires they respond as any other member wearing BA and anything else..Junior FF's can go to the Fire School at age 16 with an adult from their dept and can attend alone at 18 i beleive...They cannot take MFR courses until they turn 19 but that is due to provincial cert.'s and also the whole legal issues...But like I said they can run medicals and assist in whatever they are trained to do in first aid and cpr or if they are aided by an MFR....Theres our system here..Hope it helps..

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