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    Question Personality tests

    Just curious how others have responded to the NFSI (National Firefighter Selection inventory) test. I've seen a few versions of it, and I'm completely baffled as to how the creators of this written test are including personality questions as part of the basic knowledge questions. I'm already a career firefighter and scored well on the knowledge questions, but my overall score was pulled down by the personality questions. Now, I'm completely committed to being a part of a team, and I love my job, and I'm progressing along nicely with good evalutations and so forth... so I have to wonder about this test! PublicSafetyTesting.Com uses this test. Anyone else have any experience with it?

    There's a practice test online for about $15, but it does not include the personality section. (This is how I know I score very highly when that section is not included.)

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    Unhappy NFSI

    I share your frustration with this test. Would you be interested in comparing notes on this test?

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    Default Psych too

    If you haven't already figured it out yet, there are psych and personality questions being placed in the entry-level written test to eliminate candidates early in the process. The red-hot candidates, who have been the backbone of the fire service are taken out by these purposeless questions. If you answer those questions as you normally would, you could fail that section. Go figure. Are you prepared? Most aren't. We've had several calls from candidates looking for a way to get over this hurdle.

    You can learn more about these tests from www.fireprep.com

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