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    Question Ben Franklin II's

    Quick question for those of you who wear Ben Franklin II's.

    I belong to a department that issued Ben Franklin II's as part of a FIRE Act grant for PPE. My question to those of you that wear one: how do you adjust the damn thing?

    I regularly wear a leather helmet for the department I belong to while I'm in school and it rides well. I used to wear a 1010 in the department back home until they recieved this grant. The department opted to switch from Cairns to Morning Pride helmets, as this is the same manufacturer of our new gear. The gear is great but the helmet rides really high. I didn't know if there was a way to adjust it so it would fit better. I know Cairns helmets have a variety of adjustment points besides the ratchet. Upon inspection of the Ben II, I find only the ratchet for adjustment. I would really like to lower the suspension so that it will actually fit on my head instead of riding on top of it. Any help would greatly be appreciated.

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    There are like 4 spots to adjust the height, but it doesn't change it a whole lot. Ben IIs just ride high.........

    If you look along the center rim, you'll see there are 4 pieces that can be adjusted. They slide. Can't really find a good way to explain it, buyt when you look inside along the rim, you should see them. They are black plastic.

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