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    Default Physical Testing

    Hey guys, does anyone know of any volunteer departments that require a physical agility test as a prerequisite for membership?

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    I was bored at work today (surprise, surprise) and this topic has always interested me, so i did a little research on it. I found this quote taken from a hearing transcript involving the National Volunteer Fire Council and the US House of Representatives Committee on Education and the Workforce:
    "In 1995, the only year for which we have the statistics, 63 volunteer firefighters died and 33 professionals died. That is a very sobering statistic. Most of the volunteers died due to heart attacks on the scene where they were fighting the fires." (think about this: that was almost 10 years ago, how much have those numbers gone up?
    Now, I know on our volunteer fire department, if we required physical testing to be a member, we'd lose half of our guys just because they're middle aged and out of shape. (and heck, i'm only 23 yrs old but i'm not in the best shape, so i'm sure there are days that i wouldn't be able to pass a physical either...) I'd hate to see that happen, because we don't have that many people who actually show up for stuff because they're out in the fields or at the bar or sick, or just too busy with running their kids around and all the other stuff that regular people have to do. BUT that statistic really makes you think...those middle aged out of shape guys who spend most of their free time at the bar are very much at risk of being one of those 63 volunteers who died in 1995 due to a heart attack on the scene. Maybe OSHA should require some form of physical testing? I know it would hurt a lot of volunteer departments, including ours. I never have been able to make up my mind on this topic due to just knowing that I might not be able to pass a rigorous physical exam, along with many of my fellow firefighters.
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    Hey guys, does anyone know of any volunteer departments that require a physical agility test as a prerequisite for membership?
    Yep. We do. Email me and I'll get you more info.......

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    ditto..............we do also .........same thing .....email with details ......
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