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    Default St Paddy's Day WWWWOOOHHHHOOO

    Tue, February 17, 2004

    St. Party's Day

    New political group for national holiday


    Finally, Canada has a political party committed to important things like holidays and beer. Well, sort of. The Guinness Party of Canada, which leader Michele Angelo calls a "grassroots movement and not a real political party," is devoted entirely to good times and making St. Patrick's Day a nationwide celebration.

    "Canada has no national holidays between January and Easter, which usually falls in April," Angelo said. "It's a pretty long void and it happens to be in our coldest, harshest time of year."

    Currently, the only province to recognize St. Patrick's Day as a holiday is Newfoundland. In Alberta, people took a break during Family Day yesterday, but throughout the rest of the country, workers have to resort to using sick days for winter respites.

    Pat O'Brien, an MP from London, Ont., agrees with the St. Patrick's Day supporters and plans to present a private member's bill pushing for a winter holiday. However, he said he is considering a number of possibilities because St. Patrick's Day falls so late in winter.

    4,500 PINTS IN DAY

    In Toronto, the Irish Embassy pub pulls about 4,500 pints of Guinness on March 17. The pub's owner, Gavin Quinn, says that "everyone becomes Irish on St. Patrick's Day" and thinks a national holiday is a good idea.

    "We all work too hard and an extra day off would be enjoyed by all of us," Quinn said.

    The one-year-old Guinness Party has 105,000 members across Canada. Anyone of legal drinking age can become a member by going to www.guinnessvote.ca.

    Visitors are also invited to vote for one of five candidates running for the position of minister of good times, responsible for promoting the party's values of "community, conviction and good times."

    Of course, the winner will also receive a home stereo, a Guinness mini-fridge and a heap of food from M&M Meat Shops.

    The winner will be announced at the party's first-ever national convention on St. Patrick's Day in Montreal.

    Michelle Grimaldi,(pictured below) 27, is a Toronto candidate to serve as minister of good times for the Guinness Party of Canada. She backs the party's idea of making St. Patrick's Day a national holiday. (Photo: Veronica Henri, SUN)
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    Well I can see why miss michele is running for the position, she's about a six pinter.

    Anyway, I'm in for the vote. There's no need to even show up for the next Canadian election, so we might as well do something useful with our time.
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