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    Default Scott Eagle 160 Info

    I would like some feed back from anyone that has purchased a Scott Eagle 160 imager. I would like to hear both pro's and con's based on your experiences.


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    our dept. just got ours and we haven't had the chance to use it yet. but with the little bit of playing around i've done it seems to be a good imager. nice big screen, real easy to use, the head of the camera can be positioned different whether your standing or crawling. and with the handle being designed heavy you can put your wieght on it while crawling.

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    Default Demo only

    I only attended a demonstration of the Scott 160, but upon close examination and doing some crawling and other manuevering that would be typical of TIC use, I found the handle to be somewhat clumsy no matter what position it was in. I did like the way you can change handle position for different situations, but the handle always seemed to be in the way. Just my 2 cents.
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    We just got ours a month ago and used it at a multi-vehicle (3 semis and a pickup) accident last night for victim search. It preformed very well in the cold and helped us to find hot spots and potenial search areas.

    It is a little awkward to get use to the handle but I believe the first actual burn will prove the handle design is very handy.

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