"Domestic WMD Incident Management Legal Deskbook"
Defense Threat Reduction Agency.


The DTRA Advanced Systems and Concepts Office (ASCO) agreed to fund and the DTRA Office of the General Counsel agreed to manage a two-year effort to produce a Domestic WMD Incident Management Legal Deskbook for distribution to Federal attorneys responsible for responding to a WMD event.

The purpose of this Deskbook is to identify legal authorities available to Executive Branch Departments and Agencies responding to a WMD event involving terrorism or an accident. The Deskbook consists of five major sections and appendices:
Section One: Overview of the Response Structure
Section Two: The Federal Response in the Absence of an Emergency or
Major Disaster Declaration
Section Three: The Federal Response to a National Emergency or Major
Disaster Declaration
Section Four: Medical and Liability Issues
Section Five: Communications Issues
Appendix A: List of Acronyms
Appendix B: Complete text of all Federal references and a comprehensive list of State laws related to emergency management
Appendix C: National Guard Status and Available Resources
Appendix D: Looking Ahead