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    Default Photo req flatbed wildland trucks

    Working on plan for a beer budget wildland truck. Due to limited funds looks like we will be building on a flatbed.

    Chassis is a 1988 International 1854 Diesel Auto 4x4 140" WB.
    Plan is 8'x9'6" Flatbed w/600gal tank.

    Looking for photos links/url for wildland/brush truck layout/design/features you have seen that work well or look good. Including ideas on dressing the project up functionally and cosmetically.

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    One thing that we did on a surplus 6 X 6 is to put fixed ground nozzles on the front bumper. The pump can be run from in the cab and the front nozzles can be turned on from inside the cab. Very handy when you are short on manpower. Check out at the fepp website:


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    Checkout www.nationalfirefighter.com they have pictures of trucks equiped like you are looking for. Our neighboring FD just ordered a re-mount on a flat bed with a 1,250 gal tank, Honda pump and dual boosters. If I were you I would explore the option of a remote control turent/monitor. I have seen them mounted on the front bumber or on the drivers side directly behind the cab. If you work a lot of running grass fires they work well...but they will add about $5,000 to your truck.

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