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    Default Pump panel simulator

    Has anyone built a pump panel simulator to train or test pump operators? We are looking for a simulator that is a true pump panel but doesn't actually use water.
    Lt. Dan

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    The Tennessee State Fire School used to have a series of pump simulators that were essentially analog computers. Real gauge faces, throttle verniers and valve handles were attached to rheostats, but beyond that I couldn't tell you how they worked. As I recall they were "store bought" and not homebuilt.

    I don't know if they kept them after they moved into their new facility, but you might give them a call.

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    Default Yes....Indeed there is

    I am currently in college earning my Associates' Degree in Fire Science. I took Fire Hydraulics last year and we worked with a computer fire pump simulator that was extremely realistic. I am unable to think of the name right off the top of my head. I will however ask my instructor monday in class and get back to you.

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    Lt. Dan

    Contact FRC Fire Research www.fireresearch.com

    or 800-645-0074.

    They made the three analog simulators we bought in the 1980's. They still work very good. I would think that they may have computer driven ones now.

    Can't hurt to inquired with them. They are the only ones that I know that makes such things.

    Good Luck.

    Stay Safe & Well out there....
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