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    Default Cascade in a lighter unit?

    Anyone have any info on mounting a cascade in a 1-ton type chassis? Our vendor says it can't be done due to weight issues, I disagree.

    Cascade "skid" unit

    Shows a unit that weighs all of 1250 pounds.

    Boom Box

    Add one of these, and you've got cylinder containment and you're still under 1650 pounds for a two holers, 1550 for one.

    Any experiences or suggestions would be certainly appreciated.


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    Default cascade

    We just replaced our mobile compressor/cascade- we wanted to get a 4 bottle cascade,fill station,andsome basic storage- We wanted a 1 ton crew cab ford- but by the the time you add the body,equipment and people- you're out of this league-we just took delivery of a new E-One- on an International chassis- a great truck that provides unlimited air production and lots of storage an lighting.

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    can i get the so# of the international please? we are in the beginning stages of a support unit.

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    Post Here's one on a Ford

    My dept just took delivery of a new medium duty rescue on a Ford 550 chassis. It has a 4 bottle 6,000 psi cascade with a 2 bottle refill station on board as well as carries our Amkus tool and RIT eqipment.

    You can take a look at it at www.brownvillefd.org and look under apparatus 7-7-1. There are sub-pictures of the fill station and the amkus tool. The unit was built by E-1 and sold locally by Jerome Fire. It handles well and has sufficient power to make you be carefull when you are driving 'cause it kind of sneaks up on you.

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    There is a company making a trailer with cascade, hydralic, Hurst tools, etc, all self contained. We don't need it (no freeways), but they could make something up for you. I'll have the company name & web site tomorrow.

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    Speaking of 1 ton trucks with cascase, this one just showed up in the New Deliveries on Firehouse.com


    F350 w/4 bottle cascade and all sorts of other stuff.

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