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    Default Monmouth Gets Two New Ones!

    This article appeared in today's Sunday paper:
    Pumpers delivered
    Monmouth granted two new fire trucks

    February 22, 2004

    of The Register-Mail

    MONMOUTH - Two new red fire trucks rolled into Monmouth at noon Friday to join the Monmouth Fire Department fleet.

    The two new pumpers were made by the Alexis Fire Equipment Company.

    Fire Chief Jim Conard said each of the 2004 Spartan pumpers carries a 1,500-gallon pump and a 500-gallon tank.

    The new fire trucks were bought through a $550,000 state grant. Monmouth also received a new ambulance as part of the deal, which included trading in a 1982 Ford pumper and a 1989 Spartan truck.

    Alderman Dan Burgland, Ward 1, and Public Works Committee chairman, said the city is glad to finally get the two new pumper trucks.

    "We have been waiting quite a long time for them. This is your good tax dollars being spent to help protect the citizens of Monmouth. Hopefully, everybody will have the opportunity to come and take a look at them at the fire station," Burgland said. "No local money was involved. It was all from grant money."

    One new truck will be located at each fire station. To make room for the new truck at the Public Safety Building, Monmouth's 1997 reserve pumper will be moved to the south station.

    "This is probably the first time and the only time in Monmouth's history that we got two new trucks at once," Conard said.

    The two new pumpers join a 2000 tanker that Monmouth College bought from the Alexis Fire Equipment Company and donated to the city, a 1993 ambulance and a 1997 and 1981 pumper trucks.

    Six firefighters can ride in each cab. And the new pumpers have ladder racks that are raised and lowered by a hydraulic lift.

    "That saves injuries when we don't have to do that (raise and lower the ladders)," Conard said.

    The addition of the two new pumper trucks does not solve the city's ladder truck problem. That truck was taken out of service and sold due to the age and condition of the ladder on the truck. The city is using a 1987 ladder truck on loan from Alexis Fire Equipment Company while Monmouth waits for a state grant so the new ladder truck can be ordered.

    Conard said the firefighting equipment should last at least 15 years.
    Wub/Spears; get in here and tell me all about them. Great lookin' trucks, but if I recall, you still need hydrants in that town!

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    They are definetly big trucks. Ride nice, lotsa room in the cab. The shorter guys will be able to stand up in the back. They look real similar to this


    if the link works. Other than that, havn't had any opportunity to play with them yet. Time will tell. Its nice to have some new trucks, and at least they are red, not bright orange.

    Article was partially wrong. They have 1500 gpm pumps, but have 1000 gpm tanks. i like the ladder rack, just hope it is durable to handle the twisting.
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    Chief, It is nice to have some new trucks. But I will talk to you in person about them don't want to put it on the web.

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