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    Default Fire Inspection Software

    To all Fire Marshals and Inspectors


    Keeps track of property information such as location, building and business owners, emergency contacts, physical building information, use and occupancy, etc.

    + Records all inspections, including periodic, re-inspections, complaints, follow-ups, and other unscheduled inspections. Detailed violation records are included with each inspection along with fines and penalties.

    + Fire Code are available on-line, in their entirety, for immediate reference when citing violations. Alternately, pre-coded violations can be included so entering violations can be as easy as selecting the applicable violations.

    + Prints invoices for registration fees, inspection fees, permits, and alarm system tests. Late notices are printed for delinquent fees. Full fee tracking is included; a receipts log list all fees, fines and penalties (it even tracks Dedicated Penalties) and then summarizes amounts received by category. Ad-hoc permits, such as Hot Tar Roofs and Fireworks are printed and their fees are also recorded.

    + Correspondence feature prints your form letters using information in the inspection system database. Additional information can be supplied from the computer screen when needed. State forms and/or custom forms to match your existing requirements are available. Special certificates, such as for Residential Smoke Detector Inspections can be printed. You can even have the system print the text from the NJ Uniform Fire Code on the Violations Notice.

    + The Inspection System provides reminders for inspections, re-inspections and fees, which are due. Other Inspection System reports include Condensed Inspection Summaries, Property and Inspection Reports, Inspection Histories, Receipts Ledger, and various Cross-references.

    + Full Query capabilities to search for properties, inspections, violations and fees that match any pattern you define. You can then generate your own custom list reports.

    + Inspection System integrates with the ESP Incident Reporting System to provide a history of fires at each property.

    + Centralized collection of inspection results from outlying stations or inspector's laptop computers is available. NEW! Pen computer now available! Just carry it with you!

    + Optional Fire Lane Ticket system tracks violations1 prints invoices and late notices. Frequent offender feature built in. Look-up by various vehicle or owner information.

    + Network Ready - true simultaneous multi-user networking.

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    We use one step systems and are very happy with their software and support for fire inspection software!

    Their URL is at onestepsystems.com and is a must see in our opinion. One Step Systems software has saved our department many hours and much expense.

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    In addition to that, we can also have fire safety training online. Likewise, in safety-tv.com, it provides online safety video training to reduce the financial cost of accidents and general safety.

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    Try www.TheTapReport.com for managing inspections (i.e. monthly fire extinguisher inspections) It follows CSA and NFPA standards. I helped develop it and use it everyday at work and love it! Hope this helps

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