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    I'm doing a report on the problem of lack of hydrants. If anybody out there is in a hydrantless community, or one with very few, how do you go about getting around not using a hydrant? what type of tools, gear and appratus do you use? also, how have you gone about fixing the problem of no hydrants? (asking for some, or such) im basicly looking for any imput about how the job gets done without a hydrant. i know everybody has basicly the same SOG's for drafting, but im just curious to see how the minor things differ. also, if you know of any stories that involve lack of hydrants, like no water fast enough so something bad happend, or something good happened, etc, that'd also be great.

    thanks in advance if anybody posts.

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    Simular discussion in the- Sub-division water supply/ rural Thread.

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    Default No Hydrants

    Engines with 1000 gallon tanks, some with class A foam injection sytems

    Tanker/Tender shuttles with drop tanks

    Pre-planned fill sites (natural sources, hydrants, stock tanks, etc)

    Some areas in our state are running pumper/tankers with 2500 gallon tanks
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    We used to be that way till about 10 years ago.

    We used a lot of mutual aid each dept in the area had tankers with at least 1800 gallons on it. The last tanker that we bought (hopefully) has 2250 on it and our neighboring dept has a 3000 gal tanker. Basically what would happen is you would call 2 or three depts for assistance. Use a dump tank and let them run.

    If you were not keeping up with the supply then you would request more tankers.

    We had sites set up to get water predetermined. We have a river that runs on the south side of our area and a couple of large bodies of water (stone quarries) on the north side. At the quarries we set up a dry hydrant system so we could draft from the quarries. We also had a couple of wells with pumps that we could use to fill the trucks. If we filled at the station you could only fill one truck at a time and it took about 20 minutes to fill the 1800 gallon trucks. That was why we set up draft sites around the area. Those were the days

    Once we started getting city water out in the country we could then go to the east side of our response area and tap into the water system to fill the tankers and continue the shuttle. We are now up to around 350 hydrants in our 52 square mile response area. We still use a shuttle system on the areas to our west side of our reponse area, but the water system has cut the area in half so all we must do is just decide which way it is closer to get water from Draft site or hydrant.

    Hope this helps you some.
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    This is oddly familiar to a thread you started a few days ago. Seems to me like the same question.
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    If you have a few tankers to do a water shuttle, it can work out fairly well. Some areas will use an engine at a water source, drafting & feeding an incoming tanker. The tanker will dump into what we like to have out here, a porta tank. If we can have 2 of these high-volume tanks set up even better! Mutual aid helps sometimes, especially when the water source is a good distance from the fire.
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    CAFS - tankers, pools, shuttle. The CAFS streaches our water X3.

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