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    Post Biological/Chemical Attacks On Colleges

    Hey everyone, I am college student and for an honors project I am setting up a mock disaster. I was wanting to do a mock attack on the campus by a student, faculty, or general public (not international terrorist). I also would like to base it on something that has happened in the past. Does anyone know of past biological or chemical attacks carried out on any college campuses? Or does anyone know where a good place to find information on them is? Thanks for your help.

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    I think a MUCH bigger problem would be chemical/radiological/biological accidents on campus rather than intentional attacks. My campus is ON the U.S. / Canada border. One of our dorm buildings is next to customs, only separated by a razor wire fence. Very inviting.

    We havenít had any drills or instructions (that I know of) given on what to do during an attack. However we have had evacuations due to real accidents in the science building.

    A friend of mine (from another school) ordered DNA of some REALLY nasty disease for his major and accidentally received a live culture of it instead. He quickly went to the lab and threw it in the autoclave. If he would have been careless with it, it could have been just as bad as a terrorist attack.
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    I agree with ffexpCP. I suggest contacting campus police and the local hazmat team. The possibility exists not only to get credit for your project but for responders to have a good table top drill.
    Idea: What happens if someone is carrying a 4 liter glass bottle of benzene (pick your own chemical) up the stairs and trips on the 5th floor landing, knocking themselves unconsious and breaking the bottle inside the enclosed 6 story stairwell?

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    I'm the HazMat guy here at at a Canadian University. I think that using an attack scenerio would be a tough project. However during the whole white powder/suspicious mail era we did develop and implement some pretty unique procedures. My program basically responded to all these calls to decide if they were a "real" threat or not.

    An actual "attack" that has been proliferating is pepper spray. Every now and then some kid decides he's going to be real funny and sets off a canister in a lunchroom. I'm sure that your campus police have some stories you could relate to. It might not invoke the drama you're looking for but you may find that the intial response procedures for this will be the same as many other potential "threats".

    Why not consider what other have suggested and use a chemical emergency instead. Contact your University safety office and ask to speak to the hazmat or haz waste guy. He'll tell you stories like these from our achives:

    Spills in elevators - We had a tech drop some chemicals in an elevator. He proceeded to clean them up but didn't consider the heavier than air vapours that found their way into the bottom of the elevator shaft. Can you say smelly, toxic and potentially explosive basement area?

    Students involved in after hours research - We had some students back in the 80's that decided to try some after hours "research". They quickly descovered the shock sensitive properties of dry Picric Acid when using a porcelin mortar and pestle to grind it into a finer powder. Never did figure out what they were trying to do...riiiiight!

    Discovery of Potentially Unstable Chemicals. What do you do if you're snooping around a lab and find peroxidizable chemicals that are older than you are? Evacuate and call in the Bomb Squad! This one happens time and time again at Universities all over North America. In fact there is a story on the index page of this site.

    Wanna make permanganic acid? Make sure you follow directions. Not enough ice in your ice bath + rushing to finish before the weekend = big boom!

    I love my Job...lol
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