2-22-04 Aircraft Alert

20:04 Hours

Guilford County Communications dispatched Station 10 (ARFF), Station 17, Station 16, Station 26, Greensboro Engines 18, 19 and 20; Greensboro Q-19 and Car 4 to Piedmont Triad International Airport reference an Alert 2. Communications advised that an MD-80 with 148 SOBs was in-bound for R/W 23, 30 miles out with three hours of fuel and was reporting hydraulic problems. ARFF units requested a second alarm and County Stations 9,12, 15 and 29 were dispatched. Greensboro dispatched E-6 and Q-6 on the second alarm. NC Baptist Hospital and UNC Aircare were both placed on standby. Guilford County EMS dispatched the following units: 404 (Shift Commander), 358, 359, 656, 252, 21, 32, 100 (Disaster response unit), Medic 1, Medic 6, 907 and 902. The plane landed safely at approximately 20:30 hours.

02-23-04 2nd Alarm Fire- Greensboro

At 05:21, Greensboro Communications dispatched E-3, E-6, Q-5, Q-6, Rescue 5 and Car 1 to 3007 Cottage Place reference a structure fire. At the same time, Guilford County Communications advised Greensboro that they were receiving multiple calls for a fire at this location. Guilford County EMS unit 450 was dispatched to assist due to the large number of calls received. GFD E-6 arrived and reported, “Smoke showing, in an offensive mode”. Q-5 reported that the fire had “vented through the roof”. All first alarm units were assigned, so a second alarm was requested at 05:34. Second alarm companies included E-9, E-12, Q-9, Air 1, Decon 19, Car 2 and Mobile Command Post 1. Units were still on the scene at mid-morning. The cause of the fire is undetermined at this time.