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    Question NFPA 1901 (Ladder truck equip. specifically) on excel

    Anyone have the list of NFPA 1901 required and recommended equipment on a Ladder Truck in an excel spreadsheet? I am going to start working on one as part of a shift project and was hoping to not have to reinvent the wheel.

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    Default A must for anybody buyng a truck.

    Anybody buying a firetruck has got to check this out. FAMA (Fire Truck Manufacturer's Association has a section of their website that they sponsor and paid to have the equipment inventory of every truck design onto a "smart" EXCEL sheet where you simply check the components you have or want to add to a truck and it will automate the weight of your equipment. Well worth it, if you are designing a new rig. This will aerials for you. Hope this helps. Paste the site below to get there or www.fama.org Good Luck! Fish


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    Default FAMA Firecalc

    That page has been moved to here:
    but the information in the Excel files is from 2002.

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