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    Default Anyone wanna donate $120,000?

    Hello All, As I'm writing this we recieved news that our FEMA grant was denied and we now are seeking alternate ways to come up with the $120,000 it will take to upgrade our airpacks, besides community area fund raisers and/or organizations does anyone know of any other fire dept. type grants avaliable??
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    Not right off hand, but I've always heard there are plenty of grants available if you look for them.

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    check with some of the power companys, oil and fuel companys, and other corporations that are big in your area. we got a grant from a group of people one year that was 40 miles away. just keep makin phone calls.

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    Check to see with the companies in your area if they have any grant or foundation money. Some companies will not advertise a foundation that they have but it is a good way to tap into some resources that are not known about. We got a $40,000 brush truck for $20,000 because of a grant from a foundation. Only stipulation was that we had to match it and it could not come from government monies. Once you get some seed money like that it is easier to go to local businesses and tell them. In order to get this we need to come up with this much money. Took us about 2 months to raise the rest of the money.

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    Sorry to hear of your grant not being approved.

    I know what it feels like - for the third year in a row we have not had ours approved either.

    What you may want to do is check with your state or county association to see if they know of any other grants available. If your local government has a professional grant writer check with them and if then ask that they do the grant writing for you. If your local government body does not employ one maybe another town or city nearby does and if they do, ask them.

    Another area is Homeland Security - depending on your location that may be another avenue to approach. I would check to see if your state has a homeland security office of it's own and they could advise and assist you. Please keep in mind that Homeland Security on the federal level has many agencies and divisions and grants may be available.

    If you have any federal or state institutions or facilities in your response area - approach them to see if they know of any grants available.

    As mentioned in other replies many companies also have grant programs. Check what you have for business and industries in your response area. They may have a program especially of they are a large corporation.

    Good Luck
    Brian K. Savage
    Fire Commissioner
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