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    Exclamation UK FF needs your help: Attacks On Firefighters

    I am a UK firefighter and I have just secured funding to conduct an international study on attacks on firefighters during the course of their duty. It is funding that I had to fight hard to get. This is a rapidly increasing problem for our brothers and sisters in the UK. I, myself, have endured being stoned, spat at, and had LPG cylinders left in car fire's as a bomb for my crew and I. Recentley in Scotland a firefighter was shot in the head with an air gun en route to a fire, and in Ireland a firefighter was stabbed at a car fire. So as you see, the fire is not our only enemy anymore.

    I have already travelled to Israel for the first leg of my research. Later in the year I will be spending 2 weeks in South Afica, then 6 weeks in North America. Provisionally I am hoping to travel to Chicago, San Fransisco and New York. Can anyone highlight any areas where attacks are prevailant or has anyone experienced attacks on duty? Any information or contacts that you can offer would be greatly appreciated as this project is still in its infancy.

    Kind Regards and Many Thanks

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    Hey there...

    You might want to cross post this to the general firefighting forum. I'm not sure how often people check the international forums, so you should get a lot more responses if you post to the other forum.


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