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    Default Pre-fire alarm assignments

    What are y'alls departments policies on pre-alarm assignments for a residential structure fire? Does this include pre-determined tool assignments for each jumpseat? Does anyone have an actual SOP/SOG they can send ? Thanks.

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    I guess it is up to each department, as to what they want each riding member to do once on the scene.

    Our guys work like most do.

    The member behind the driver makes the hydrant.

    The member behind the officer take the first line to the door to advance inside. That is where most fires are. Not on the outside as some departments have determinined.

    If we have a fifth member on board, they take the irons to the door.

    The officer backs up the nozzle person, while being in command, doing a size up, checking for extensition and any one hanging out windows, placing other companies, setting up a rit team and giving the battalion chief an update. Let see, did I miss anything?

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    We dont have set assignnments for anyone, with the exception of the driver, on any of our apparatus. The company officer is in charge and is expected to give assignments to his crew as the situation presents.

    There are, however, a few things that go without saying such as whatever side of the apparatus the fire is on, that side jumpseat FF gets the nozzle. Same thing with catching a hydrant. If your the jumpseat FF that doesnt get the nozzle, grab the irons. Beyond that, its up to the CO.


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