Fire Destroys Salt Lake Home
Feb. 24, 2004
(KSL News) A Salt Lake City home goes up in flames while the homeowners are out of town.

Charred walls and a black roof is all that's left of the home at 1708 W. 1620 North in Salt Lake City.

Crews were called out to the fire just before 11:00 last night and despite a quick attack, they say this home is a total loss.

Dennis McKone/ Salt Lake City Fire Dept.: "Very intense, hot fire. Like I said, when they arrived they had fire rolling out the front window, the front door. There was also fire rolling out the back windows."

Damage is estimated at more than $200,000. And although the exact cause is under investigation, firefighters say superheated gases inside the house may have burst into flames once they got enough fresh air.