Jcasey,You must of had a 2A not a 2.2. No way could you collapse the low pressure tube on a 2.2(mask mounted regulator).Samson,I don't know how you could get bottles that weren't hydro'd filled.NO REPUTABLE air supplier will fill bottles that aren't current,it's the FIRST thing you check.And to use equipment that hasn't been "benched"within 24 months(12 months preferable)is insane.You wonder why you have problems.Our Scotts are rigorously maintained and we still find a few needing repairs during their bench tests.Around here if DOL came in and found packs with no "bench"stickers on them,bottles out of hydro,or lack of maintainence checks and usage logs,you'd be facing fines in the thousands of dollars.Cut and dried,you're out of business.A neighboring dept just found that out. T.C.