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    Angry Vote of Nonconfidence

    Well the proverbial $**t has finally hit the fan. The association has had enough of the short sighted back woods leadership that we have been putting up with for the last four years. The wait and see if it will change attitude has come to an abrupt halt. We are now asking for a vote of Nonconfidence of our chief. Now, can someone give me some guidelines to follow so that this procedure is carried out in the proper manner? Thanks.

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    In my experience, it amounts to a bad looking rank and file.

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    Do a search. I think that this issue has been the subject of a few news stories. Just recently, there was that chief in Florida and who can forget the former chief of DC and his vote of no confidence.
    I can't give you anymore than that. You weren't specific enough.
    And besides; I get goosey when people start talking about coups.
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    Ughh -- isn't this governed by the rules that your organization operates under?

    Roberts' Rules of Order??

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    This is the proverbial two edged sword of fire department politics.

    Make sure that everything any issue is documented..heresay won't amount to a hill of beans.

    Be damned sure that your own "litterbox" is clean before defacating in the chief's.

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    I have yet to see a chief that can walk on water.

    If they are poor leaders, fire them.
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