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    Default What are you doing about ELF?

    So what are your police and fire departments doing to prevent domestic terrorism from ELF?
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    We have good numer of enviro radicals here in MT. There is a lot going on that is not to be spoken of in regaurds to countering their agressive criminal acts.

    On the FD level, there is just preperation and training. Be ready for anything, just like you always have to be.

    The evnironmentalists that are doing just as much damage are the ones in the courtrooms, but I dont think we can clasify lawyers as terrorists just yet...
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    In case anyone hasn't heard of them you can read more at their website.

    I'm a *really* new volunteer at my local department (still in the training phase) but a couple of years ago they burnt down a house that was under construction. According to the guys who responded it was still in the framing process so there really wasn't a whole lot to save or do, except for keeping some of the construction equipment cooled off.

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    So what are your police and fire departments doing to prevent domestic terrorism
    Police must be active in prevention.

    Fire can only prepare to mitigate.

    The only exception is being alert and recognizing if you happen to stumble onto something or someone suspicious.
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