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    Default Non Burn Acquired structure checksheet needed

    I'm looking for a check sheet similiar to the ones in NFPA 1403, but for an aquired structure that I'm not going to burn.

    I want to make sure I have everything in place to do some training in a house that is scheduled for demo.

    We are going to perform RIT evolutions, forcible entry, ventilation training and so forth, but no live fire.

    Anyone have one they would want to share?

    Thanks in advance.

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    When we have done such non burn trainings we have used the checklists for NFPA 1403 and had the building inspector along to give his recommendation. In this way we have covered the safety of the building as well as hazards. Using 1403 will ensure that the building is cleared for use, b/c if it passes 1403 than it will pass when your not putting a fire load on the structure, especially since most of the evolutions you mentioned are always done prior to our live burn evolutions.

    hope this helps
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    I agree with shammrock,

    Use the checklists, they are just as helpful for non fire evolutions as those with fire. Structural integrity is the key...be sure to plan scenarios in a proper order so that it is not compromised, or the training objectives unattainable because you ran a destructive class (to the integrity) prior to doing some of the other evolutions.


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