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Thread: RIT and TIC

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    Default RIT and TIC

    Does anybody know off hand how many TICs are allowed per capita, and if equiping your RIT team may quaility you for an aditional TIC?

    We have a low population in our fire district and we have recieved a TIC from FEMA FAG (Fire Act Grant ) 2003.

    IIRC you get 1 TIC per 10,000. We have just under 10,000 so we wouldnt qualify in that sence.

    But, I would dealy love to have a TIC in the hands of our RIT, which not only serves our fire district, but also 6 mutual aid departments.

    Would FEMA throw out our application if we requested another TIC?

    If were were awared for our grant, would they possibly take away the TIC funding for the RIT?

    Does equping your RIT from FEMA FAG with TIC or other equipment give you higher points on your FEMA FAG app?
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    10,000 or less in population you can apply for 1 TIC. Enhancing RIT (i.e. FF Safety) is a very good reason for something. I don't believe that you can be disqualified for asking for another one this year. You might want to call FEMA and double-check before going through everything.

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    Samsonfcdes, your FD sounds like it's about the same size as ours, any pointers on applying for a TIC? I'm about to post this question on the forum.
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    Originally posted by arhaney
    Samsonfcdes, your FD sounds like it's about the same size as ours, any pointers on applying for a TIC? I'm about to post this question on the forum.
    First, last year's rules were pretty clear on how many TIs an FD could have (in their opinion).

    Second, grant assistance information is now on our website at:
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