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Thread: Fire Academy

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    Default Fire Academy

    There are a few guys on our department that like taking alot of coures at the fire academy, they try and take as many as possible, would you? The chief ok's it and goes to the trustees and sees it they will pay and they do, so they go to the academy alot, but my point here is that there are also a few guys who grump and gripe avout them going all the time, saying there just waisting valuable money. I think the guys saying they shouldnt go are wrong, Would you if you had the oppurtunities to keep taking different classes?


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    I enjoy going to those classes... so i diffenetly disagree with those members, and learnin new information can only better you as a fire fighter and as a fire department as a whole..

    But, if they are just taking ignorant classes then I would see it as a waste of money. But, as long as ya chief is oking them and he is making sure they arent wasted classes then go for it.

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    Been there done that. I started going to the National Fire Acadmey when the doors opened. I have been since 1980 more than 100 times.

    Living so close it is only 3 hours away, I go as often as they will send me or I go on my own dime.

    I have contracted with them as an instructor so its easy for me to get there.

    I say to the guys who cry all the time, is to get with the program or find another job. Those who are first asked to go here, resist, then they are told to go! You want to keep the job you are in, attend the classes or seek employment elsewhere. Live is tough but we have a waiting line to get employed.

    Go as often as you can.

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    Wasting money? The people wasting money are the ones who refuse to go to classes.
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    Originally posted by Duffman
    Wasting money? The people wasting money are the ones who refuse to go to classes.
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    Default More training is always good.

    As long as it's useful to your Department. If guys are griping about others improving themselves, I would ask them what their problem is. If they are complaining because you reside in a desert area with no bodies of water to speak of and they want money to take a dive rescue class or you live in Middle-of-Nowhere, Iowa and from your station you can see the top of the 3 story building 3 towns over and the guys want money for high angle rescue training, then there's cause for complaining. If they don't have a good answer, odds are it's what we refer to in my FD as "table talk". That is, complaints that are usually either without any real merit or the one doing the complaining isn't in a position to complain about it. In the case of the latter, those are the folks who think new air packs to replace the Scott IIA's with steel bottles are a waste of money and there's nothing wrong with 1967 pumper that costs $1500-2000 a month in repairs that are the ones complaining.

    Just my 2 cents.....
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    As was told to me in my latest class... the new generation of firefighters coming up are having to be well educated firefighters. Having been a member of many different dept. ranging from the small "here's your pager and your gear... if that thing goes off come to the station" to ones where you go through a testing process and academy before even getting on the truck. The more that one knows about fire and firefighting the safer the operations will be. For example take Hackensack Ford Fire... it was stated that the firefighters that were there that day were not knowledgeable in building construction and therefore were unable to recognize the dangers of the bowstring wooden trusses. The ability to combine experience with knowledge makes for a safer and more effective operation. If members of your dept. believe that it is a waste of money then they need to consider a new career.

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    Would you if you had the oppurtunities to keep taking different classes?
    YES! YES! YES! Take as much training as you possibly can, Our chief has a similar policy about training and I go as often and as muchas I can, You can never too much you can only know too little, and those are the people who can find themselves in trouble.
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    YES! I take as many Mass Fire Academy and outside organization courses as possible. Also i try to get my chief to bring in the academy's direct delivery programs (they come out and teach to your dept, no application or class limit) whenever possible. No matter how good your depts training program is if you do not investigate new tactics and different points of view than you doom yourself and your dept to mediocrity. Support those members that go to all these classes.

    As it has been said "If you feel you do not or no longer need to train than leave the fire service as soon as possible b/c you are an extreme danger to everyone you come in contact with" or "Its train and grow or die"
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    The folks taking classes are making themselves better firefighters, and the guys/gals that work with them are probably a bit safer because of, too.

    I've seen it in several departments... but I've never understood the "anti-class" sentiment. The excuses vary, but there always seems to be a group of people who think going to class is a waste of time, energy, money or all three.

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    listen I have more training than a little bit.
    I am a firm believer in training. Its more about the certification that may or may not be required. For the past 20 years I averaged about 3 classes a year. maybe thats why I have held every line officer position there is except Chief, I 've been a Deputy Chief.
    But when you have guys actively attending fire schools, others should get the idea"hey these guys are in it to win it" that should build the moral of others to get off of their butts and get with the program. certification is everything, with new mandates coming down the pike. its better to have the certification than to need itand not have it.
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