I am in need of some direction. We have recently been told that we can no longer work out during working hours or during our lunch break, and that we should do it while we are outside of work. This decision came down from an inexperianced board of commissioners. I have been doing quite a bit of research into firefighter fatalities in the United States, with heart attacks and overexertion leading the path for the last several years. I am well aware of the fact that working out in many departments is mandatory. I am also aware of the IAFF/IAFC's view points on firefighter health and wellness. I am looking for fire departments protocols regarding this issue, and copys of any research and statistics that have been done. If I could get a little direction as far as websites to check out or your departments SOP's I would be very greatful. I am not willing to let this issue go by the wayside in my department. Thank you for reading this. You can email me at: dfdept@frontiernet.net with any info that you have.

God Bless!