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    Default Whelen Light Question

    I am currently looking at some new dashlights. I am highly interested in two and I am wondering if anybody owns either of them and can give me their opinion. The ups and downs, etc. I am looking at the Whelen Talon Compact LED Dashlight, which looks really neat, and it used the new LED's. And the other one I am interested in is the Whelen Low Profile Dashmiser Plus II Strobe. Any opinions are greatly appreciated. Thanks ahead of time. Stay safe.
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    Oh god. Fasten all seatbelts. Secure all main entrances and exits. Cancel the three ring circus, secure all animals in the zoo... Prepare the forum for ludicrius babble. (Based on past experience, this thread is probably going to take a dive really fast so I'll give you the answer now before it is too late.)

    The talon, all the way, hands down, no competition. The linear LED's blow everything else ever made out of the water.
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    Well to keep this post on track, I purchased a single blue lens talon and the warning power is incredible. So I had to go buy the double LED version of the talon and its amazing. I'm not gonna buy a new blue light for a long long time..this light is definatley the best out there.
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    please note there are emergency exits on either side of the forum and they will have emergency lighting in the event of power failure.

    PS- Your seat cushion WILL act as a personal floatation device.
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    Monkey overboard, send help fast. Hope he has a blinking light on

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    Hope he has a blinking light on
    I'm sure he does........... He saw one that the gadget man had........ then had to get them for all his peoples!

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