*-Due to incomplete data, original dispatch time & 1st due companies only are listed...
----020504: At 0921 hours box 2552, Reading Public Museum @ 500 Museum Road. Electrical fire in basement of large museum. E14 & L1's local
----021504: ****DWELLING FIRE WITH ENTRAPMENT*****. At 0841 hours still alarm sent for smoke investigation in the 1100 block of Spring street. Companies arrived to find heavy smoke showing from a 3 story MOR occupied multiple dwelling with a victim trapped on the 1st floor where the fire originated. Box 641, 11th & Spring streets transmitted with victim rescued by firefighters. Victim transported in critical condition, E9 & L3's local.
----SAME DATE: At 2132 hours 2nd alarm box 63, 10th & Douglass streets, AOF 830 N.11th street. 3 story vacant MOR multiple dwelling, heavy fire 2nd floor with extension to 3rd floor,cockloft and exposures 2 & 4 (occupied similar type attached). E9 & L3's local.
----021604: At 0623 hours box 1546, Bookbindery Apartments @ 150 N.4th street, Fire in apt. 206 of a 6 story 50x150 occupied multiple dwelling. Fire contained by sprinkler system. E3 & L1's local.
----021704: At 2304 hours box 56, 5th & Greenwich streets, AOF 630 N.5th street. Outside rubbish fire extended into a 3 story mentally challenged group home. E11 & L1's local.
----021904: At 0356 hours, 2nd alarm box 317, 6th & Walnut streets, AOF 216 N.6th street. Heavy fire 2nd floor of a 3 story MOR occupied multiple dwelling with extension to exposure 2 (a similar type attached) E1 & T1's local. *-Tower 1 was placed into service on 021804, this was their 1st job.
----022004: At 0504 hours, 2nd alarm box 123, 6th & Franklin streets, AOF rear of 221 Pearl street. 1 story frame garage fully involved with extension to 2-3 story commercial buildings. E5 & T1's local.
----022404: *****HAZ-MAT***** At 1042 hours rescue assignment dispatched for a MVA at McKnight & W.Robeson streets. Companies arrived to find a fuel oil truck that had rolled onto its side with a spill. Companies operated on scene for about 5 hours with product was offloaded and the spill contained. E11's local.

Effective 022604, L-2 has been decomissioned, Sn-1 has become the reserve aerial. Front line truck companies now consist of L-1(tiller),L-3,(tiller) & T-1(tower ladder).

To see pictures of these recent jobs check out: www.readingpafire.com