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    Lets compair the worlds biggest fire departments.

    I think the biggest in shere size is Tokyo.

    17,573 personel.
    80 fire stations.
    1849 apparatus.

    That is more people then any of the towns within 200 miles of where I live!

    I dont know how much area they cover in square miles.

    That is just big.

    18,788 rescue ops in 2002.

    6,671 fires in 2002. That seems like a small number. Then again, IIRC fire prevention and such is a HUGE issue in Japan. IIRC if you are the guy that accidently sets you aparment on fire you are expected to kill yourself or something like that.

    629,883 abulance runs in 2002!!!

    That comes to a total number of calls in 2002 of...


    That is 37.29 calls per member.

    People in Tokyo seem very fire concious, but they also seem accident prone.
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    17,573 personnel.
    80 fire stations.
    1849 apparatus.

    At first I couldn't believe the numbers. However, if they run 4 shifts like many departments do (and it could be some other variation based on their work traditions), there would be about 55 people per station at any given time, with about 23 vehicles per station. Even when ya consider chiefs & administration, it still looks like about 2 people per piece, which probably works for them!
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