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    Since the inception of the hybrid vehicle with its gas and electric motors we've talked about the voltage output in the vehicles. The latest is the new hybrids are now up to or over 500 volts. The question always asked is "How many amps ?". I've never answered that question correctly. Can someone provide me with the answer to that question.

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    Well, I tried for you. Thats about all I can say. I read you'r post saturday night while at an automotive training weekend. I tracked down the two instructors on hybrids that I had and asked your question. The answers were "I dont't Know" and "There are no specs to that, that I have seen". I had an instructor from GM and Toyota. However thay both expanded to what we already now. 30 amps at 12 volts is ok, but 30 amps at 220 is not. Just think what 30 amps at 300 to 600 volts will do. Good answer Huh. As for the toyota guru when asked about why the 10,000 volt lineman gloves are not in their online Emergency Response Guide to the Prius he said "I don't know". He stated "it is just a saftey factor is why they teach it to toyota techs". "Just in case of an arch" he said. I said well if you teach it to techs on dry floors why would you not have it in your guide for the fire service. His response again!!!! Wait, wait "I don't know"!!! Anyhow They stated the batterys are 300 volt but the inverters are capable of 500 volts. Sorry I could not get the spec for you. Also buses in metropolitian ares with the hybrid technology are 600 volts with the batteries in the roof of the bus, they stated. I have not seen any buses as yet. Has anyone elso looked at buses? Alan

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    Take a look at:, you could find the answer in Ron Moore's article.
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    Default Hybrid Vehicles

    After recently attending a free extrication class that was pun on by local FD, and insurance co's, I learned a lot about hybrids that I didn't know. The instructor warned us that we should take special care around Orange battery cables, as these may hold upwards of about 300 volts. When stabilizing hybrid vehicles you should be weary of their sleeping state, the engine may not be running, but the car could possibly still take off under its own force. What happens when the car starts rolling while your're trying to get patients out? He also told us that some vehicles have an actual shut off switch that is mounted probably in the trunk somewhere, although, vehicle manufacturers are going to great lengths to hide these switches, even to the point that the rear seat would have to be removed and a panel taken off to use it. Not really helpful fro rescue crews. For personal safety, it is recommended that you use Class 0, Linesmans gloves which are rated at over 1000 VAC. But as with any vehicle extrication, be very careful.

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    Default Toyota - 77 Amps

    I use slide that shows the toyota at 77 amps. I found the info from Ron's newest book, if I remember correctly.
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