I returned this past weekend after attending the National Fire Academy VIP course in Emmitsburg, Maryland.
I spent a week in class learning from the top instructors and also learning from my fellow classmates! This week that I spent out there was the best experience I have ever had. There were students from all over the US including Alaska. I was kind of disapointed to see that there were only 10 students there for the week session representing IL fire Depts. I understand it is hard to take a week off of work, I had to myself, but the networking and education that you get out there and the price to say the least is great! I very much recommend anyone that can to go out there for a class, once you go once you will go back. The numbers were down this past session and they are afraid if they continue to drop the program could be in jeopardy. If anyone has any questions about the VIP program let me know or you can go to the FEMA website. Stay Safe Lil yogi