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    Unhappy Sleep Interruption @ Work

    Does anyone have any information on sleep interruption and the health effects (long term)?

    I work for a small department, with a Deputy Chief that insists that all of the evening radio traffic needs to be broadcast throughout the night for every call, to every station.

    I am looking for any statistics that would support muting the night calls so that we only hear the traffic intended for our station.

    Thanks for any help.

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    While I have no information on your subject, I agree wholeheartedly. As you say, traffic that's pertinent to your department should be kept. That might include (besides stuff in your town) the most likely of your mutual aid response obligations. If that includes all of the channels on your radio, this might be reconsidered. In our town, we go automatic mutual aid to a couple different towns that don't broadcast on our frequency. Having the extra minute to get up, dressed, and out to the apparatus floor before the 2 dispatch centers talk & relay info, can really help. But realistically, if mutual aid should be needed of your town, the dispatch center should be getting the info & toning your guys out on your dispatch frequency, meaning all you really need to hear is YOUR channel. Good luck!
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    i cant remember the exact magazine, but either firehouse or fire/rescue magazines had a big article on sleep depravation in it

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