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    Default Highway Safety Garments

    Received a question on highwya safety jackets for those directing traffic at a fire or crash scene. This questions is based on the "Safe Parking" series that is running in Firehouse Magazine.

    My Dept. is going to get coats for traffic control. We are getting them with no lettering. Do our Fire Police members have to have Fire Police lettering on the coat. Does it have to the front,the back ,or both. My Dept. is in NY if that matters.

    My Reply-
    Your Fire Police should only be wearing jackets(coats) that comply with the ANSI highway safety standard as a Class 2 or Class 3 garment. All the major suppliers of jackets will label their product with a tag somewhere on it that states "Class 2" or "Class 3". All that does is makes sure you have the right high-visibility coat color, enough color material, and enough reflective trim to meet the minimum ANSI standard that applies all across the US.

    Lettering or no lettering on the jacket is purely a department choice. I recommend it for identification purposes. Lettering is not included at all in the ANSI highway safety standard. It can however, actually improve the function and safety of the jacket or vest while it is being worn. In my department here in Texas, we put the word FIRE vertically down one side of the front chest on our highways safety vests. Across the back at the shoulder line, we put big reflective lettering McKINNEY FIRE. It identifies us. It adds to the reflectivity, and it really makes for a nice, professional looking vest(or jacket in your case).

    Here's something else to consider. If you are going to provide your Fire Police with jackets, check out the reversible design. Blauer, SpieWak, Horace all have them. It is a navy blue FD-style uniform jacket with badge holder, outside pockets, epilets on the shoulders and all. Looks really nice as a uniform jacket. We have all our fire officers wearing this jacket on duty. When they are working a scene in or near moving traffic and are not wearing their turnout coats, they turn their reversible jacket inside-out. It is lime-green on that side with reflective trim on the body and arms and cuffs and lettered McKinney Fire. It is an ANSI Class 3 jacket. Cost is expensive though, about $200 per garment. The guys really like "going green".
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    We actually have an Interstate Response Policy inplace, all units carry 4 reflective vests on them and myself and the Chief each have one in our vehicles. I am not sure what class they are and they are to be worn in place of your turnout cost when it is too warm out and you ARE NOT operating in the HOT ZONE...................I like them alot for standing by at a scene in the summer when you can get your coat off and still have some degree of "protection"
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