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    I am getting close to putting together two type six wild land engines for this season. It looks like I am going to need two FFT-1 or FFT-2 type firefighters and a Single Resource Engine Boss to crew these trucks. I want to hire the best people I can and be as safe as possible. Here are some questions that I have:

    1. The trucks will basically be a skid plate type design. What are the typical qualifications of the FFT-1/2, and the Engine Boss. I want to be safe above all.
    2. What is a good private contract wage to pay these fire fighters? I want to attract experienced people and want people that know the inn-outs of the business.
    3. How do you figure additional qualification into the rate of pay, say like EMT and other additional education?
    4. Do most private contractors help out with additional education? I would like to provide a program to train the crews.
    5. What is the down percentage rate of these trucks? How many days can I look foreword to my trucks working over the season on fires?
    6. Am I going to have a hard time crewing my trucks? If I cannot hire qualified people I will need to find some better way to attract them.
    Since we are a new company I need to hire the best that I can. I think it is important to have the best safety record that I possibly can. I know that accidents happen but I think with training, and employing the best crews I can reach this goal.

    Any help would be great!!!

    Thank you for your time!

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    If you are looking at being a contractor look at what North Tree Fire has, they are one of the best around if not thee best!

    For your firefighters make sure you PT them, make sure they run run and more run, have the best gear possible for them, fire packs, shelters and even get them the good cargo pants. Make them buy there own boots, but aim them towards whites or even buy the boots for them and take it out of there first pay check.

    Stay Safe,

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    Most important asset for your crew, ability to adapt , and to get along. Contract engines spend a lot of time on the road, some times a lot of time in staging. Cram 3 people together for extended periods, nerves wear thin. Rather have an engine boss thats laid back and can roll with the punches, looks out for his men, and has a grasp of the big picture, than the feller that can strap on 3 bladder bags and run a mile --- ect ect. Bottom line is , most contract engines spend a lot of time stirring mud.

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