Prompted by FiRsqDvr45's question on equipment inventories, I wanted to share something with everyone that may be purchasing a new truck. It is one of the most innovative things I have seen in quite a long time. It is definitely worth your while and a powerful tool.

FAMA (Fire Truck Manufacturer's Association) has a section of their website that they sponsored and paid for. It is an automated tool for your equipment inventory for every type of truck design. It is a "smart" EXCEL sheet where you simply check the components you have or want to add to a truck and it will automatically calculate the weight of your equipment. Well worth it, if you are designing a new rig. I hope some of you find this useful. FAMA and its members who make it possible, deserve a nice pat on the back for this one, it would take untold hours to dos this manually! I know in fact, as I have had to do it several times in the past and what a job without the tool they have built for all of us to use, for FREE! There is all sorts of other great links to everyone in the fire and equipment business there too! THANK YOU TO FAMA! Paste the site below to get there or Good Luck and Good Fishing!