I woke up to the radio sing'n the blues (or whaterver came on at 5am when it tripped in) and at 530 the news comes on to tell me that it's been raining and blowing in town. Then a report comes up saying that somebody reported ice near the Malahat Petro Can gas station. Ok.. so it was expected to get near freezing last night - no big deal.

YA RIGHT HE SAYS!! Got up to let the dog out at around 6, and it's [B]FREAKING SNOWING!!!!!!

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day, last night I got to watch the moon rise while I was pre-tripping the trucks for our regular Thursday practice, and the stars were out when I came home.

(Ya I know a whole lot 'o you guys are still under 6 plus feet of snow out there.. but we have flowers blooming here already.)

If ya dont like Victoria weather, close your eyes, blink 3 times, click your heels together and say "There aint no place like Saskatchewan". LOL