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    Default 9/11 and Politics

    So now the President of the IAFF is upset that the President of the United States is using some clips of 9/11 for political advertising...This from the clown that cost the fire service in general several BILLION dollars in grant money, because he thought it would be great to pick political sides during the last presidential campaign, so that he could let Al Gore squeeze his toocoos on TV; this from a guy that used 9/11 for his own union politics and grandstanded around Ground Zero, once it was safe; and who threatened the City of New York, in order to get rid of volunteer FFs helping New YOrk at their time of need, thrown off the WTC site and around the city, at any cost....
    Schaitberger should hang his head in shame for the damage he and his union thugs have done to the fire service in the United States, and just shut up, since he really only represents a very small number of total fire fighters in this great country, anyway....

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    Well, that's one opinion...
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    And what a strong opinion it is...

    I get this strange feeling kinda like we have been here before.
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    I get this strange feeling kinda like we have been here before.
    do, do, do, do. do, do, do, do.

    Imagine this......You've entered the Twilight Zone.

    There are at least 2 other threads running this right now here on these forums. I suggest we stick to those two. Weo don't need any more.
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    Democratic presidential candidates and congressmen accused Bush of knowing about and allowing 9-11 to happen. They don't get to complain if he talks about it now.

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    Once again the intelligence of people on this forums page amazes me. Never before have I been exposed to people who choose personnel ignorant attacks, rather than welfounded well educated debates. It seems to be much easier for many to just rant and rave with no solid evidence to substantiate their claims. Personally I find it offensive to be referred to as a thug, as was implied in a previous post on this thread. I have never met this individual, nor have they met me. I do not endorse nor condone all that the IAFF does or stands for, but they do push for legislation that benefits firefighters every where. Referring to the volunteers kicked out of ground zero, I wonder if this person ever heard of free-lancing, or personal accountibility, or an attempt by the lead agency to perform a coordinated rescue effort. I guess this shows that " spin " is everywhere. Or maybe it was just the fact they were making an attempt to keep further rescuers from becoming injured or killed. I don't agree with my union's position on the President's re-election ads, I think the IAFF needs to look in the mirror before fingers get pointed. I know that alot of the literature I have recieved urging me to vote for kerry has "9-11" implications, but this certainly is no reason for the term " thugs " to be used in describing union members.

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    vu' jade` ........all over again !
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    Pardon me sir.. .....but I believe we are all over here !
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    Well... if being a member of the IAFF makes me a thug...then I am damn proud of it!
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    Originally posted by CaptainGonzo
    Well... if being a member of the IAFF makes me a thug...then I am damn proud of it!
    NEVER FORGET 9-11-01
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    I'm neither defending nor am I disagreeing with everything that the thread starter wrote. But in regard to his use of "thugs," I would assume that he was referring to Pres. Schaitberger and the other leaders on the national level. Certainly he didn't mean to imply that union membership = thug.

    But then again, we know what happens when we assume.

    I'm not even going to touch the political issues here.
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    Add another proud thug to the group.......

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