1/29/04 2531 Ansonia Single family dwelling with smoke showing . Fire was held to room of origin. 2 lines used & neg on all searches.
E-12,E-3,T-1 and Bat-3. E-4 for RIT

1/31/04 1499 Miller St. Crews repsonded to a reported structure fire. First due found a single family dwelling w/ heavy fire showing from basement. Aggressive interior attack made from ground level. 2 lines and truck used PPV and forced windows for ventilation.
E-6,E-2,T-4, Bat-2. E-16 and E-9 for relief and RIT.

1/31/04 2040 Duckworth Ct. Residental house w/ flames & smoke showing. 1st in Engine made an aggressive interior attack and 2nd due comapny came in and searched all were neg. Truck vented Fire damaged 3 rooms.E-15,E-14,T-3 and Bat-3. E-9 for relief.

2/4/04 1611 E. 5th St. Residental house fire. Numerous 991 calls to dispatch center. Comapnies arrived to find 1 story wood frame dwelling w/ heavy smoke and flames showing. FF's had difficult time with fire attack due to house being packed with personnel belongings.
E-3,E-17, T-1 and Bat-2. E-4 for RIT and E-1 for relief.