2/18/04 3501 Beacon Hill. 2 story Apt bldg with smoke showing . 1st due reported working kitchen fire. 1st in Engine made a good knock and contained fire to kitchen area w/ little exstension. Alot of overhaul.
E-18,E-8,T-4 and Bat-1. E-15 for Relief

2/23/04 707 Timberline Ridge Dr. 2 story TowneHomes. Crews arrived to find a chimney fire. 1st dueinvestigated interior and exstinguished fire in insert. Bldg laddered and further investigation w/ Thermal imager revealed some hot spots around chimney pipe. Overhaul and some hot spots were exstinguished.
E-17,E-43,T-2and Bat-2

2/24/04 188 Euclid St. 1 story occupied structure w/ heavy smoke showing. An aggressive interior attack initiated. 2 lines and good vent work. E-8,E-18,T-4 and Bat-1. E-10 For RIT, Air Resource-1

2/29/04 101 Penner St. 2 story Apt w/ heavy smoke and flames showing. Multiple lines and truck up and venting roof.
E-14,E-9,T-3 and Bat-3. E-15 for RIT,Air Resource-1