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Thread: Aerial Needed

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    Default Aerial Needed

    Most of the towns in Northwest Kansas range from a 100 people to no more than 2000 in population. The area is economically depressed due to the farm economy and a four or five year drought. There is a real need in this area for an aerial truck that could be used on mutual aid in any of the communities in the area. We are willing to be the host site for such an aerial, but we don't have the money to be able to purchase even a used one. We're not looking for anything fancy - or that large - but we believe that with the aging buildings in the area towns, there is a large danger to fire in the downtown or highway core buildings. The fact of the matter is that if a small town's downtown core burns down, it will never be replaced. We want to help preserve our area and our towns. Does anyone know of an aerial that might be available on a donation basis?

    Steve Hirsch
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    Sheridan County Fire Dept.
    Hoxie, Kansas
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    Question OK.

    I don't have the url, but there's a group based in (I think) Ark. or Mo. Called "Helping our Own" They help find apparatus and equipment for areas that need help.

    TRY www.helpingourown.com
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    I can only suggest a couple of long shots..........I see you are the county FF Treauser, ever think to try and ask for some county help ? is there and big industry in the county that could help ?.....what do other county FF's and departmetns say about such a purchase ? Keep trying for grants also ..........good luck.
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    Could it be possible to form a cooperative among regional fire departments? For example, could three or four neighboring departments contribute money to help purchase the truck?

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    That URL is www.helpingourown.org , but note that they only help FD's with budgets under $15K per year. Check with your big suburban depts (major cities usually have too little money, too much wear, or too much red tape to donate anything) and see what they've got.

    And don't forget to try FEMA!!!! This has all the makings of a very favorable proposal, I would think, given the regional nature of the effort and the proactive approach you are taking.

    Good luck; you're wise to anticipate these things. An aerial can make a big difference in saving a city block.
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    Question FEMA Help?


    I feel your pain. I volunteer for Riley Co. Fire outside Manhattan and work for Morris County EMS down in Council Grove which is covered by a vol. department. Neither have an "aerial" but RCFD does have a 50' telesquirt that comes in handy and Manhattan Fire has mutual aided their quints numerous times to RCFD. This year I wrote Council Grove Fire Department's first ever FEMA grant request and asked for a used 75' quint. I used the same arguement that you do with the historic downtown, need for area mutual aid coverage, large commercial structures, and also need for an aerial device for rescues. With the changes in rules this year moving rural quints up to priority one and the fact that we asked for used/refub and not new hopefully gave us a good chance. If we're awarded it might give you something to think about for next year.

    Karl Tsen

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    good luck with your search, there are plenty of things out there of you go looking. I liked the idea of alot of the townships banding togther and trying to work it out to buying one togther. Mabye it could rotate stations on a monthy basis to. I see something like that really bringing the local brotherhood togther. Unlike just having say your station with the ladder and eveyone waiting for it. Look into all your options and dont give up hope.
    Bucks County, PA.

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    Default got one!!

    Steve, I may have a lead on one. 75Ft American. Send me a pm and I will get you an e-mail address.

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    id like to hear how this turns out...
    Bucks County, PA.

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    We have a 100' Seagrave that might be available. It is a quint and does not have a lot of miles on it. E-mail me at jlrandall@starband.net and I will send you further details.

    Retired FEO DFD

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