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    Default Internet Usage Policy?

    Does your fire station have an Internet Usage Policy in place? I am not talking about software or hardware running in the background to stop porn and anything else that shouldn't be running on the station computer, but a written policy statement posted.

    If any of you have one and would be so gracious to E-mail it to me my address is cshields@twcny.rr.com

    I am looking for examples of how they are written.

    Thank You

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    The sign on the computer at my firehouse says plainly:


    Don't know if that's what you're looking for, but it works for us!

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    we do have a policy and if I can find 5 minutes I will try and get it to you.
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    No internet at the station, so no policy yet.

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    Post Our policy

    Our city has a policy for all city-owned computers. All city employees have to sign it upon employment. It goes something like this...

    The City encourages growth and expertise on the use of the intranet/internet. It is a valuable tool in the modern office, and brings with it a wealth of information. At the same time, we must be careful not to abuse this resourceful tool. The purpose of this policy is to clarify and state the use of intranet and internet services within the city.

    - The city's system is the city's property and should be used with the same respect and care as any other office system.

    - Employees should only disclose information or messages from the system to authorized persons. Information is limited to those individuals who "need to know."

    - Access to internet/intranet services is paid for and assessed on publicly owned equipment. The city reserves the right to monitor the system to ensure that it is being used for acceptable purposes. To ensure that the organization's policies are being followed, management may from time to time access and/or conduct a random review of usage history.

    - The intranet/internet should never be used for subject matter that is inappropriate, such as sexually explicit material or discriminatory statements. The city will not tolerate the creation of a hostile work environment and any attempt to create such an environment will be met with discipline up to and including termination.

    - Employees do not have a personal privacy right to any matter created, received, stored in or set from the city's system.

    - All messages and downloads saved will result in a reduction of available disk space. The more data stored, the slower the system will run. Make sure that you do not store too many, or two large a file. Periodic deletions on a monthly basis are required.

    - I, the undersigned, have read and understand, and agree to abide by the requirements noted above.

    Employee Signature

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